Project initiative

The plunge

I know no individual who doesn’t have a latent dream. A desire to achieve something with own hands, build, create, and accomplish themselves by performing things close to their heart.

The comfort of the present situation, fear, our education, our social circle, our environment, are too often destroying this creative fiber. Unfortunately these numerous creative visions, while repressed,  will not even have the opportunity to expose and express themselves,  and have the chance to show up in front of the grand jury, the jury of life.

My name Bastien, and I decided to take the risk to do my best to achieve my dreams.
A master’s degree in my pocket, and despite a career mapped out, at the risk of losing a lot of advantages and comfort previously acquired, the desire to follow my vision and my values ​​led me to realize the plunge.

My vision

My vision is not to create a new social network, a new hi-tech gadget or a new revolutionary application for smartphones… To be honest I’m very excited about new technologies, but only when they shed positive change in our world.
I have trouble understanding how millions of people can exchange their time and money for frivolous things, often to satisfy a need of immediate recognition, social validation by owning the last trendy object rather than being or becoming somebody.

My vision is simpler, more trivial in a world increasingly superficial where, unfortunately too often only appearances matter.

I believe it is no longer possible to ignore nature, walk on the beds of our neighbor, or of entire communities, with the sole aim to raise phenomenal amounts of money selfishly.

I want to develop activities that respect nature, and give it back all we had confiscated it.
I want to develop activities that meet local communities, because everyone doesn’t have the chance to be born far from a poverty environment.
I want to develop activities that have a positive impact for our planet, a positive feeling in minds and share the results of this activity to those who made it possible. And to the nature.

The project

I want to show that it’s possible to create and grow businesses by having a positive impact on the planet and people.
Therefore, I’ve decided to create a living environment where all these values ​​will be present, an hotel 100%  eco-friendly and respectful of local communities.

More than just a hotel, its foundation and its operation will be ecological, and I wish to convey these values ​​as much as possible with our future visitors, with curious individuals and those who, such as me, want to see a real change to operate in this world.

I invite you to place the home page of this site to discover this project

Through this blog, you can follow the steps in the realization of this vision and this project.
I hope to share our visions, our experiences and our ideas to create a better world.

Every action in the right direction counts, it’s our duty to share it.